Save Money and Go Green: Reusable Water Bottle Could Save You $100 in 3 Months

The Cost of Going Green: Reusable Water Bottle Could Save You $100 in 3 Months

The cost of “going green” and becoming eco-friendly is often expensive.  I’ve been looking into the cost of non-plastic alternative for kitchen consumables.  Kitchen consumables like plastic cling wrap, plastic bags and reusable food containers are used every day but their non-plastic counter parts seem more expensive.

So, I’ve decided to start a series that looks into which eco-friendly alternatives are worth the switch.

Today we will evaluate the infamous single use plastic water bottle. 

You know the 16.9 oz easy to grab plastic water bottle.  A simple reusable cup is the answer to transition from plastic to a sustainable option. 

Is it really cost effective?…

or are those reusable fancy double-walled metal cups just too expensive? 


Buying  those fancy double-walled metal drink cups is the cheapest and easiest way to become more eco-friendly today!

They look just like this –> You can buy this one from Amazon by clicking here

Even some of the expensive double walled water bottles will be paid for in as little as little as one week (replacing this reusable option for single use plastic water bottles)! 

If you replace one case of bottled water for one 30 oz reusable tumbler you’ll save A TON of money. 

Here is how the cost breaks down for replacing plastic water bottles with reusable cups…

A double-walled drink cups ranges from about $8 to $16 depending on where you purchase.  Buy it used at a thrift shop and it’ll cost you even less.

A case of water ranges from $4 – $9.

Just swap the purchase of a case of water for a reusable drink cup!

Let’s say you buy a case of water every week (which is about how much water you should drink in a week) you’ll spend, at a minimum, $16 a month on water. 

If you spend the money instead on a reusable water bottle, you could swap the purchase of the fancy, brand new, double-walled drink cup for the purchase of ONE case of H2O. And just like that, you are on your way to becoming an eco-friendly citizen.  

So how much money might you save if you use your fancy reusable water bottle? 

In only 3 months, if you buy 1 case of water every week you spend about $48- $108!  This is for 1 person! Go ahead and multiply that by the number of people in your family.

Over the course of a year you’d save $192- $432! WHAT!?

Did you know you are spending that much money on water?!

Maybe you don’t buy bottled water. 

Do you buy flavored sports drinks or lemonade in plastic bottles?

Switch and buy the powdered version of those items and mix it up yourself and add it to your fancy new reusable drink cup.  Option #2 is to make tea in large quantities using a large pot on the stove.  Let it cool and put it into a pitcher in the fridge.  Delicious cold iced tea ready to go.  

All of these alternatives would save you money because those specialty drinks cost way more than bottled water!  More Savings = More money in your pocket.  Stop wasting you money on plastic packaging. 

Stop buying water in single use water bottles, it’s costing you too much money!

Your Badge of honor is you new fancy reusable cup and all that money in your pocket!

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