Sustainable Toys for This Holiday Season

Christmas is already in the air.  From the peppermint flavored drinks and candies to the holiday light displays up in every single store.  

And, everyone seems to begin Holiday shopping the day (of) after Thanksgiving and doesn’t stop until the 25th of December.  Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or simply a nice host/hostess, time spent shopping for the perfect gift means a lot of running around.  

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With the endless gift giving and shopping also comes loads of waste, which includes tons of plastic packaging, paper (some recyclable and some not) and gifts that simply are not your style. 

Buy gifts online made from sustainable material instead of wasting time, energy and fuel. 

All of which are better for the environment than the plastic alternatives crowding the shelves at your local all-in-one stores.

Let’s reduce waste this season, buy sustainable products and stop wasting gas searching store shelves for the perfect gift. 

Instead check out these sustainable toy manufacturers.   

Starting with the youngsters…

Here are 5 Sustainable Toy Manufacturers

Let the gift giving begin!


Tagu Block Sets

Magnetic block sets with the magnet hidden inside the wood.  A great alternative to other magnetic building blocks that encase the magnet in plastic.  Send Tagu their old toys and they will recycle them. 

Large set – Ages 2 -8+                                  


Small Set – Ages 2-8+                  

On-The-Go Anywhere Set – Great for travel or just sitting at a restaurant.  Keep those little hands busy and engage their imagination.

Manzanita Kids

Handmade wooden modular toy houses that kids design.  Manzanita Kids makes custom made name puzzles too. These toys are made in Seattle, Washington, a local U.S. company and instead of using formaldehyde as a wood preservative,  instead they use a custom beeswax and jojoba oil blend. 



Luke’s Toy Factory

Luke’s Toy Factory creates 3-D toy truck puzzles.  They are simple puzzles 3-8 pieces that are made with plastic and reclaimed sawdust.  By using sawdust, these toys are made with 30% less plastic than traditional toys.  Made in the U.S.  



Green Toys 

Green Toys is based in California. Shipping will be local (U.S.). Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic.  The ink used for printing is 100% soy based ink. They come in recycled paper cardboard with limited plastic.  We have personally bought the shape sorter and can say that it is a great alternative to a variety of virgin plastic toys and has yet to breakdown after 3+ years of play. 




HABA’s wood toys are made from reclaimed wood and use only water-based paints on all the wood toys.  The water based paints create vibrant colors to engage kids’ imagination.  HABA manufactures toys for a variety of age ranges, from infants to little kids. 



Be eco-conscious and buy sustainable gifts this holiday season. 

Hope this list helps and inspires you this holiday season.

Which sustainable toys are you thinking about buying for the little ones in your life this year? 

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