Save Money and Go Green: Buy One Reusable Sandwich Bag and Save up to $20 a Year

Save Money and Go Green: Eco-friendly Replacements for Plastic Baggies

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This is the second part in a series called The Cost of Going Green.  The cost of buying eco-friendly alternatives can be economical when you consider how much you are spending over a few months or even a year.  

Plastic baggies are cheap and easy-to-use storage options for, well, anything.  They store things like food, small toys, or even loose screws.  But, these little plastic baggies are usually a single use product.  They offer a sanitary option for food and because they are see-through; they become the go-to option for storage of lots of small items. 

How much are plastic sandwich bags costing you?

Does the amount of plastic you consume bother you? No?  That’s okay. 

You may spend anywhere from $7-$30 per year on plastic baggies?  That cost doubles if you use 2 plastic baggies a day (up to $60 a year for plastic baggies!)  No thanks. 


In 2017, the majority of Americans used 3-9 plastic baggies every week.

Let’s say you use 1 plastic baggie for lunch every day. In one year, you will have used 365 plastic baggies, costing you anywhere from $7-$30, depending on the brand.   

Why are we so obsessed with plastic baggies?  It’s disposable; simple as that.

Except that little liquid-tight closure strip at the top of the bag, nothing has changed since its invention.  It’s not fancy or fun it’s just clear plastic baggies that’s thrown away.  (If you want a disposable non-plastic sandwich bag I’ve got you covered! Just keep reading or scroll down.)

The little liquid-tight strip allows you to seal it shut and reopen it but how often are you transporting soup in a plastic baggie?  Baggies rarely need to be liquid tight.

You may use more, you may use less, but for those of us who use plastic baggies, here are some alternatives. 


LunchSkins products range from about $6-$10 for individual bags and $12 for 2-pack.  These sandwich bags are hearty and made of lightweight material, free of BPA, phthalates and lead.  They offer zipper or Velcro closure and have recently started selling a sealable, disposable paper sandwich bag which can be tossed into a home compost pile.

LunchSkins offers a recycling program for their old products. If your LunchSkin sandwich bag or snack bags are no longer being used, you can send them back, as long as they are clean and without holes or tears, and receive 35% off your next order. 


Find a local crafter to make fun or professional looking reusable sandwich and snack bags.  To reduce cost of shipping find a crafter that is local. 

I just recently purchased these reusable sandwich and snack bags for $7.50!  I’m all set for the year.

It doesn’t matter to adults what you bring in your lunch box but for kids and teens, everything matters.  Colorful designs make lunchtime more fun when adding these unique reusable baggies to your kids’ lunch boxes.   Want some from her? Here’s her etsy shop.


Disposable Paper Sandwich Bags

If you’re not ready to rewash you sandwich bags and need the convenience of disposable sandwich bags, I have a two alternatives to plastic baggies.  


LunchSkins offers a NEW biodegradable paper sandwich bag that is sealable.  They come in fun prints and are priced around $6 shipped, for 300 bags; equal to the cost of plastic sandwich bags.

Reynolds Wrap                                                      

Reynolds Wrap also has wax paper sandwich bag with colorful stickers to close the opening.  These bags are about $3.80 for 50. 

I’ll save around $15 a year by using reusable sandwich bags and not buying PLASTIC BAGGIES!  

When I add it up, I think how silly it is that I spent that amount of money on a plastic baggies.

Which one are you going to try? 


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