Can Soap Berries Actually Clean Your Clothes 


Box of Eco Nuts in the background with a plate of soap berries

My first experience using soap berries from an company that uses plastic-free packaging.  And, find out the best way to use soap berries if you have hard water

Try Waxed Fabric Before You Use Plastic Cling Wrap Again

Bee's Wrap (waxed fabric) packaging laying on wood with bee's wrap waxed fabric juxtapose on the top rightTry using waxed fabric the next time you need to use cling wrap.  It’s reusable and works great with a couple of tips I learned. 


  How Does LUSH Shampoo Bar & Avocado Co-Wash Compare to Traditional Shampoo?


Lush paper bag with naked shampoo bar at bottom right

I love that this company makes extra effort to create reusable and recyclable packaging.  On top of that, their shampoo bar and avocado co-wash were easy to use and a great alternative to traditional shampoo. Check out a couple of tips and give this company a try! 


Can Plant Based Laundry Detergent Stand Up To The Competition?

Find out how this Plant Based Hypoallergenic laundry detergent did when challenged by my household stains of ketchup, mustard, tea and grass.  


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