LUSH Avocado Co-Wash and Shampoo Bar Review

A long story short, I developed contact dermatitis to my shampoo or conditioner.  I looked at the ingredient list on my popular shampoo bottle and I couldn’t understand a single one.  I tried washing my hair less but my scalp had enough of whatever was in my traditional shampoo and conditioner. My dermatologist recommended I change the shampoo, conditioner and maybe even my soap.

Disclosure: The following review is from my experience with these products and is not affiliated with any company or organization. There are affiliated links in this post and by clicking and purchasing the product I may receive a small commission.

When I tried to find products without the main ingredients in my current shampoo, it was impossible!

Instead of replacing my shampoo AND conditioner, I started using a conditioner only wash (Co-Wash) regimen.  It’s been great.  I use this one and my contact dermatitis has cleared up. 

Here is what I like about this co-wash.

  • I like the coconut smell
  • It works well. It’s not as sudsy but from what I’ve read the suds just come from another ingredient added.

I don’t like that it comes in a in a plastic container. 

So I set out to find a co-wash or shampoo that doesn’t come in a plastic container AND doesn’t cause my contact dermatitis.

So I decided to try out two LUSH products

I’ve seen the LUSH store in my local mall but I thought it sold products more geared toward bath- time essentials (i.e. bath bombs and fancy soaps).

When I found out they make a solid shampoo bar and conditioner bar I was thrilled!

Here is what I love about LUSH!

  • Variety of products (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, bath bombs, hair treatments and more) in different scents
  • They offer ‘naked packaging’ which means no plastic!
  • The products work well!
  • The price is a lot less compared than purchasing re-fillable shampoo/conditioner bottles (which is another alternative to my issue of not buying plastic)

Shampoo Bar Review

I used the shampoo bar “Honey I Washed My Hair” bar, and it worked great! The smell was delightful and the lather was like a traditional shampoo.

TIP #1: You’ll need a tin to store the bar stays solid.  Without the tin the bar will still work but the bar becomes spongier and less solid.  No big deal but I think it will last longer with a tin to reduce the moisture content.

Avocado Co-Wash Review

Now for the Avocado co-wash.  It also worked like a charm.  It was a little more difficult to apply due to its semi-solid state. 

TIP #2: For me, it worked best after I rubbed a small piece of the avocado co-wash in-between my wet hands and then applied it to my hair. 

What I Did Not Like

The one thing I didn’t like was the amount of fragrance in the products.  I liked the fragrance but the amount of fragrance is a little over powering for me.  With that said, I would love it if they made a low-fragrance or no-scent product line. 

LUSH Store Experience

You can tell that the ideals of LUSH are to reduce plastic packaging and store products in reusable containers, use paper instead of plastic (which I love) and use wooden Popsicle sticks for single use hair treatments! 

The staff was friendly and helpful!  I explained what I was looking for and the employee led me to the bar shampoos.  I explained my needs, and she walked me through the differences between the products and offered her suggestions and a sample of the co-wash. 

Give it a try!

Overall, LUSH shampoo bar and the Avocado Co-Wash worked great!  I have nice clean hair that smells great!  Two thumbs up!

I recommend trying it; I think you will be very pleased with the money you spend!

Have you tried LUSH products yet? What was your experience?



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  1. Debrah

    Good review of their products. Next time I’m near a store I’m going to check out shampoo bars because I’ve been feeling bad about the plastic thing too but didn’t know what to do about it. You’ve given me the answer. Thanks.

  2. Jen

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been wondering about LUSH products for awhile now and every time I go in the store, I’m never sure which product I want to buy. This post really helped narrow it down. Thank you!

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