Get The Plastic Out of the Shower


What’s Your Morning Routine? I suspect it looks something like this…Wake up, shower, do something with your beautiful hair, brush those pearly whites, get dressed, get coffee mojo flowing or another breakfast beverage of your choice and off to work, school, or to stay at home with your kiddos.   

With our fast-paced rush to get out the door, it’s likely plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes are littering our houses. Here are some easy ways to reduce plastic waste during our morning routine. 

Let’s start with a common places where you are likely using a lot of plastic; the bathroom.

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The bathroom is chock full of plastic, from shampoo and conditioner bottles to deodorant and even tiny little adhesive bandages.  The cosmetics industry is another critical place where plastics are heavily used.  The reason is because they are inexpensive however; each and every one of these plastic containers has a life span of about 80-100 years

Here are some of the easiest plastic bottle replacements to create an eco-friendly morning routine.

Shower Every Other Day

Here’s the deal, if you work in an office, it’s likely you don’t need to shower EVERYDAY.  If you consider showering every other day you’ll cut your shower or bathing water consumption in half and you’ll buy shampoo/conditioner/soap half as often.  Plus, it’ll save you time in the morning, providing you an extra 15 minutes to sleep-in.   Okay.  So maybe you already do this.  Keep reading.

Use a Co-Wash (conditioner wash) Instead of a Shampoo AND Conditioner? 

Co-washing is a relatively new way of washing hair. Instead of using a shampoo that removes a lot of oil from your hair you’ll use a special type of conditioner.  I use this one and love the scent.  But there are others at a variety of price points.  Just search co-wash conditioners.  There are other rules about the types of products you can use.  The main rule is to avoid using products with sulfates in them as they build up in your hair.   

Co-washing may take a little getting used as your hair is probably over-producing oil due to the shampoos removing the oil everyday.   Once you start using the co-wash your hair will start producing less oil and it will make your hair less frizzy and in my experience feels just as clean.

Here is one I’ve used and it smells like vanilla coconuts. 

Starting a co-wash will eliminate the purchase of shampoo and the plastic bottle it comes in.  One less plastic bottle that needs to exist or be recycled.

Bar Shampoo

Bar shampoo is becoming a popular alternative to traditional liquid shampoo.  These bars come in different shapes but the biggest perk is that they don’t  usually come with any plastic packaging.

I recently used a bar shampoo just to see how it works.  I really like it and haven’t seen a difference between the bottled version and the bar version.  The only difference is the cost.  The bar shampoo and conditioner seem to cost more than double that of a typical bottle of shampoo. Want to know more about my experience using Lush’s bar shampoo? Check it out here.

The key to using these is to get a rust-free tin or something to protect the bar shampoo from the moisture in the shower. It seems to get really spongy  if left out in the shower and you’ll waste money by having it go down the drain just while it’s getting splashed by the water.   Here is my review of Lush’s Bar Shampoo and Avacado co-wash.

Conditioner is a 2-for-1. No need for shave cream or foam.

Did You Know: Shaving cream or foam can be replaced with conditioner.  Rub conditioner on your legs or face and it works just as well as traditional shave cream and now you only have to buy one product in your arsenal of showering products.  Although metal is infinitely recyclable, not all recycling facilities accept shaving cream cans because they are pressurized and can be dangerous to workers.  Check with your local facility before adding it to be recycled.

Good ‘ol boxed/bar soap. 

I know you love the liquid soap because it’s so foamy but that plastic bottle will out-live you.  The plastic pollution is not worth it.

Nowadays, there are very moisturizing bar soaps that use all natural ingredients at local farmers markets or grocery stores.  The other option is to buy the boxed soaps of the brand you are using.  If you purchase the boxed version of the liquid soap you’re already using,  you’ll usually save money too. 

If you don’t buy bar soap because it leaves a stain in the shower or slips out of your hands, I understand.  We leave it in our hanging shower caddy and use a wash cloth to create more lather. 

If you decide to buy a new soap dish please don’t buy a new plastic one.  Buy a metal soap dish or create a soap holder out of cotton wash cloth.  Just DON’T BUY a PLASTIC soap dish.  Here are some other options. 



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  1. Krish

    Plastic has invaded our lives in a big way and threatening the environment..ways have to be found to reduce the use of plastic …bar shampoo and other non plastic toilet items will go a little ng way in doing that..
    God bless you

  2. Lydia McIntosh

    I have never heard of co-washing! What a concept. I plan to look into that. I shower everyday but my husband likes bars of soap. We also buy shampoo bars from our local store and love it! They last for months and don’t come with any packaging when purchased in store.

  3. Ariel Shanelle

    I understand what you’re saying. However, I MUST shower daily. I work at Walmart and can sometimes be needed in as many as 3 departments. That’s a lot of walking and when I come home, I stink. Not to mention I exercise daily.

    Other than that, I’ve been considering making my own soap. There’s too many chemicals in the fancy stuff.

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