Bamboo Toothbrush Review

Happy New Year!

For the first post of the new year I decided to do a review of a Christmas gift.  It’s a new bamboo toothbrush.   I know there are many choices when it comes to bamboo toothbrushes but, I wanted one that came in eco-friendly packaging too.  I decided to try out ‘Brush with Bamboo’ brand. The post is not sponsored and the review is based solely on my own experience with this product.

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I chose this brand for three reasons.

  1. It comes in completely biodegradable outer packaging.  The box can go straight to the compost bin; which is exactly where mine is.
  2. The wrapper for the toothbrush (it looks like a plastic wrapper, but it’s not) is made of wood cellulose and can also be composted.
  3. The bamboo handle is 100% organic bamboo and is also compostable.  The only thing that is not compostable are the plant-based nylon bristles which can be recycled (check with local recycle facilities)

I bought the family pack which includes 2 kids sized toothbrushes and 2 adult sized toothbrushes. Find it here on their website…Brush with Bamboo Family Pack

We have been using them for the past three weeks and it’s the easiest low-waste product switch I’ve made.  Overall, I like the toothbrush and I love that the entire thing is recyclable and mostly compostable.

Here are the specifics…

Transitioning the kids was no problem at all.  I just told them they got new toothbrushes and away they went.

The bamboo texture is different than plastic.  I’ve only ever brushed with a plastic toothbrush and it took a few times to get used to the wood texture.   The best way to help with this transition is to make sure the head of the brush is completely wet.  I don’t always run water over the brush head before I begin brushing and if I don’t, the bamboo tends to stick to the inside of my mouth.  But, the easy fix is to run some water over it before brushing…done!

The bristles are strong and I’ve not had any of the bristles fall out during brushing.  (I read this in a review of another brand and was a little concerned)  Not a problem at all with Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes.

The handle is contoured and makes it easy to hold on to and easy to manipulate while brushing.  I think the handle could be a little shorter but that’s just my preference. 🙂

Finally, the only criticism I have of the brush is that the brush head for the adult is a little too long.  It feels as though it is about 1.25x longer than a plastic adult toothbrush head and makes it a little difficult to brush around my back molars.  Next, time I order I am considering getting a child’s sized toothbrush for the adults so that it’s easier to get those back teeth squeaky clean.

Overall,  this switch has been simple and easy.

I think this product can truly be called eco-friendly because everything except the bristles are compostable. The product is effective and strudy and I am going to buy again!

Now let’s take a look at the cost. For the family pack I paid $20 for 4 toothbrushes. Making it $5/brush which is a couple dollars more than the average name brand tooth brush.

If you can add the cost to your budget, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Short and Sweet.

You can also find them on in 4-packs of adult sized toothbrushes or 4-pack of Kid sized toothbrushes

Happy Brushing.


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