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Hi! My name is Katie. Thanks for stopping by Eco Going Life!  I am a wife and Stay-At-Home-Mom.  How many times have you read that on a blog? 😉   I love science, especially biology and anything from the ocean.   I think sharks are THE most fascinating creatures on the planet!

I know that the ocean animals suffer from the amount of wasteful plastics we produce. 

I’ve always tried to recycle and pick organic locally grown food when financially feasible but after a while I began to wonder ‘how much plastic do I actually use?’  So I did a home survey to see how much I was actually tossing away.  It was so much more than I thought!

I realized that most of it was not useful plastic.  A LOT of it  came in the form of packaging or containers for food/drinks. 

My goal is to use this blog to offer alternative ways to keep plastic from being purchased, find ways to keep kids engaged and active at home instead of driving someplace and reduce my use of plastic while traveling. 

My goal, and I hope yours too, is to reduce, reuse or eliminate the plastic we are consuming. 

I’m not perfect and I admit that I definitely don’t have a completely eco-friendly household.  However, if we can stop using some plastics and strive to do better, then we can help prevent the plastic from going to the dump, the ocean and hopefully, some day, prevent it from ever being made.

This blog is all about reasonable alternatives to reduce or eliminate the plastics and other waste we consume.  


Come along for the journey and create a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 



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