5-minute craft: Reuse a Plastic Container and Improve your Toddler’s Fine Motor Control Using Pom-Poms.

5-minute craft: Reuse a Plastic Container and Improve your Toddler’s Fine Motor Control Using Pom-Poms.

I have seen my little one become easily frustrated with the shape sorter we bought from the store.  You know the one that you have to orient the shapes correctly before they go into the slot. 

It seemed a little too advanced for younger toddlers and I wanted a transition toy. 

This is very simple to make and reuses a plastic container (Yeah!).  I used an empty applesauce container with a removable inner metal lid.  With this I am left with a clear plastic bottle and a screw top with a big opening.  I found a piece of cardboard from other packaging that matched the color of the lid.   And, here is what I did. 

This toy helps with,

  • Fine motor skills. Small hole requires precision for little hands bun not proper orientation to use as all the balls fit in the hole. 
  • Object permanence (they can see where something goes)


*Warning: Don’t use Pom-Poms if your little ones tend to put things in their mouth or eat them.  Use larger objects/toys and make the size of the hole large enough to fit the larger toys. Adult supervision is always recommended when using these toys.

Here is what you’ll need:

A yellow piece of cardboard with 8 pop-poms laid out, a permanent marker, a exact-o knife and a clear plastic container with a yellow twist off lid


Step 1: 

Piece of cardboard with circle drawn on it and yellow ring (large bottle screw cap) next to cardboard


Step 2:

Circle cut out of cardboard with exact-o knife and hand holding the circle just above full piece of cardboard


Step 3:

A purple pom-pom sits in between a yellow ring (lid to the jar) and the cut out piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle.


Step 4:

              Cardboard circle cutout is installed into lid of clear jar with a whole cut out of the circle. A purple pom-pom is between the jar and the lidYellow caped clear jar with a purple pom-pom in the hole in the lid


Step 5:  Success!  Playtime with this toy lasted 20-30 minutes.  

toddler sitting on carpet with clear container with yellow lid in hand. Colorful pom-poms inside jar



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